Chemical Pregnancies

A chemical pregnancy is when an egg is fertilized but it either doesn’t implant or it is only implanted for a very short time. It is a very early miscarriage. Apparently chemical pregnancies are believed to count for 50-75% of all miscarriages and many people have chemical pregnancies without even realizing it. With more and more early results pregnancy tests on the market, people are finding out that they are pregnant sooner though, so they have more of a chance of realizing if they in fact had a chemical pregnancy.

My question is, can you know if you had a chemical pregnancy other than by catching a BFP before the miscarriage occurred? I’m curious because of my abnormal mid-cycle spotting that I had hoped/believed was implantation bleeding. But I never got a BFP, so chances are I was never pregnant. With all the thoughts swirling in my mind though, I find myself wondering if by some off chance I could have had implantation bleeding but produced too low of hormones for the test to be positive and then I got my “period” a day late when the miscarriage occurred. This may be extremely unlikely, but I can’t help but wonder. I guess the reason I am really curious is because I want confirmation that J and I are even capable of fertilizing an egg and that I’m capable of getting pregnant. I’ll probably never know though.


4 thoughts on “Chemical Pregnancies

  1. We had a positive result back in June and then the next day I got my period. I called the doctors and they told me to monitor my flow. Call immediately if I felt light headed, had vomiting, had a high temperature or saw any kind of spots. I was also supposed to call if I soaked through more than 4 tampons in a day (and fully soaked). They said that most likely it was a chemical pregnancy and given that I was only 2 days late they did not see a reason to have me come in unless other symptoms.

    I am actually skeptical about implantation bleeding just because all the sites that I read and some books indicate that it is rare.

    You could ask for a blood test but I am not sure if the doctor will give it to you. I believe it should take about a week or two (depending on if you missed a period or not) for your HCG levels to be back at 0.

    • Thanks. I probably won’t bother asking for a blood test at this point. It’s been over a week since I started my period. As for implantation bleeding, I read that it occurs in about 25% of pregnancies.

  2. I don’t honestly know the answer to this. This would be a great question to ask your doctor. I don’t know what he/she would say because I’m not sure they would want to say without knowing for absolute sure, but it would be worth a shot to ask. :)

  3. It would be possible. I know people who don’t get a positive hpt until 4 1/2-5 weeks pregnant. In my case, I did have a positive hpt, but it was very light. I was scheduled for a beta the next day, which was a 5. Pregnant, but hardly. I got my period two days later. If I wasn’t going through treatments and testing, I would have never known.

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