Acupuncture Update

I have been doing acupuncture and taking herbs and supplements for a little over a month now. When I first went I was told I have a yin (i.e., follicular) deficiency which is impacting my yang (luteal phase). I was also told that I have blood stagnation (which can be diagnosed as endometriosis in western medicine). I have really enjoyed my acupuncture sessions. They are super relaxing, have me feeling calmer, and I also feel productive. One thing I find funny though is how they look at my tongue. I find my tongue to be quite ugly so I am a little embarrassed when required to stick it out for appraisal. The last time I was there I was told that my tongue has changed! This was definitely news to me. Apparently it is redder now and there is a highly defined crack down the center of it (ideally it would be more pink than red and crackless). I have noticed the crack before and I just assumed it was always there. The redness and crack are signs of excess heat, so instead of taking Tao Hong Si Wu Tang this follicular phase I was prescribed some herbal pills (Ease the Muscles from The Three Treasures). I definitely don’t mind swallowing some pills instead of drinking dirt and hopefully this change is a good sign. My acupuncturist said that treatment can often uncover layers and reveal new issues. Perhaps this excess heat is what is ultimately impacting my yin, since yin is cold and yang is hot. I have to take the pills for 15 days and I hope that I’ll be able to report a pinker, smoother tongue after that!


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