We’re In!

I just got a call from the Regional Fertility Program and we have our first appointment booked! I am beyond excited and I cried happily once I hung up the phone. Every time I saw an unfamiliar local number on my phone I wondered if it would be the clinic. Even earlier today I had a voicemail and a small part of me hoped, but it was just my salon confirming my Saturday appointment. Then, a couple hours later the beautiful words “This is Jennifer from the Regional Fertility Program and we’d like to book your first appointment. Are you still interested?” came through the line. I feel so lucky because we were originally told it would be a 3-6 month wait and I was really expecting it to be closer to 6 months because that would be just my luck and we haven’t been trying that long in comparison to many dealing with fertility issues and my blood work was all fine. Instead, they called me just over 2 months after our referral was received and our appointment is on October 30th, which is 3 months and 3 days after they received our referral. I am grateful! I am so ready to get this show on the road, get answers (hopefully!!!!!), and come up with a plan of attack (and I am ready to attack this, no wading in the treatment waters as far as I’m concerned). I want a baby and I want it NOW! So today is a good day. One step closer to having a baby.


10 thoughts on “We’re In!

    • I live in Canada and there may be fewer fertility clinics/reproductive endocrinologists. Although IVF, medications, IUI, etc. are not covered, tests and appointments are, so people here may be more likely to seek help sooner/more readily. So the demand may be greater in that way. I live in one of the largest Canadian cities and there is one clinic with 6 REs (so 6 REs in the city for over a million people – I’m not sure how that compares with clinics in the US). There is one other clinic in my province. In other provinces, there may be only one clinic for the entire province (smaller populations in such areas though). I LOVE our free health care system (my parents are doctors and they wouldn’t have it any other way either), but for specialists that can mean longer wait times.

  1. Yay! So glad for you to get started. I make a list of questions every time I see my RE. I would be happy to help you come up with first timer questions, there are also many articles out there.

    • Thank you so much! I started a list already actually. Here’s what I have so far (some won’t be able to be answered until we have all our test results): What tests will we need? What will those tell us? How long will it take to finish all the tests? Might we need more tests after those? How long until you expect we’ll be able to start treatment? What are our predicted chances? Do you usually use a stepwise approach or are you willing to more onto more aggressive treatment earlier if warranted? What is your/the clinic’s success rate? How long does it usually take patients on average? Will you always be the doctor we see (I heard that you often get rotated between doctors at this clinic but they are all supposed to be good)? How much work should I expect to miss? What are our treatment options? What do you think our best option is? How successful do you think it will be? What do you think is the cause of our issues? Is there anything you recommend we do right now? How much diet coke is too much?

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