Period Apps

I got an iPhone 4S for my birthday. I stepped out of the dark ages of “dumb” phones and finally got a smart phone. It’s not surprising that even my 13 year old nephew had an iPhone before I did considering that I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was 23. I’m not a ludite by any means, but I am a bit behind the times with cell phones. I always had a hard time justifying one, or the latest model, if I didn’t need the features. Most of my friends didn’t have personal cell phones in high school, at least not as far as I remember, and once university rolled around I went to such a small school in such a small town that basically I could yell out my window and reach the person I desired. Why rack up a cell phone bill if it’s not necessary, I figured. I mean, that money would be better spent on clothes and booze, no?! At 23, I moved across the country, away from family and friends, so it finally felt like it was time. Even then, I got a pretty basic package with the most basic phone. I traded up twice to a bit better phone, but I was always one (or maybe a thousand) steps behind.

When I first got my iPhone, I was obsessed with all the features. I beat every level except the last one on Plants vs Zombies in a short period of time because I played it pretty well non-stop. I was also obsessed with downloading apps, an obsession that hasn’t quite tapered off. One of the apps I got was iperiod free. It helps me track my period, symptoms, and fertility days (it even has an ipregnancy sister app for when the time comes). You can see your trends, specify the luteal phase (which is perfect for me), and look ahead for the next 12 cycles (I already know that if I’m not pregnant come March, I will be able to drink guilt and worry free at my friend’s wedding in Mexico). Every day for the week before my period, it gives me an update on how many days until my period. This happens every time I open it. It’s good, but it’s not like someone who is TTC forgets about these things. I mean this date signifies the end of the 2WW. It’s monumental! Today I keep getting the alert that my period is expected in 2 days and I want to say, “Quit taunting me!” The fact that I open this app a million times a day to record one twinge or another doesn’t help matters :)


5 thoughts on “Period Apps

      • October marks the 8 month mark. :-/ It’s been a crazy journey, but I’m just going to keep hoping. I don’t feel pregnant at all right now — I don’t know when symptoms start showing up, but I don’t have any. I was crampy last week & thought maybe that could be implantation, but I’m just feeling very… normal… right now. Ha! How are you feeling?

      • We are at 9 cycles of timed intercourse (sounds so clinical!) and 13 months since I’ve been off bcp. I really don’t know what to think – lots of contradictory information. I have been resistant to writing another post until I know what’s going on.

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