Google: Friend or Foe

I just read a post by Infertilegirl that I can completely relate to. It was about searching for clear answers re: pregnancy through Google. Unfortunately Google doesn’t have all the information and conflicting information seems to be the norm. I google questions and “symptoms” all the time. Usually I am directed to some forum where there are other TTCers trying to figure these things out too. Everyone’s responses are based on personal experience, old wives’ tales, bits and pieces of research, assumptions, and wishful thinking. Basically, I leave those forums more confused than ever (and to be honest, thinking that many people don’t know what they are talking about). However, I can’t resist the urge to look for answers, even though sometimes I don’t like the answers that I get. The wait and wondering is just so hard, so you cling to each bit of hope you can find. I know personally, I often attend to the signs that support a belief that I could be pregnant and ignore the ones that don’t (confirmation bias). If only we all had a crystal ball, but only time will tell.


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