Did we miss ovulation?

This month I was relying on cervical mucus and OPK to help me figure out when I ovulated. At first,  I thought I might have ovulated earlier than my usual (which would be fantastic) based on ewcm. There wasn’t much, but some months I don’t notice any. However, my OPKs weren’t positive. I’ve always had positive OPKs in past months, but I figured that some people aren’t able to catch their surge and maybe that was my case now that my hormones seemed to be changing. Then I got the positive OPK a day or two later than my usual. This had me worrying that I was ovulating a bit later than I usually do (moving in the wrong direction). But, I read the OPK 3 minutes later than you’re supposed to, which can invalidate it. So I was still trying to keep hope alive that I ovulated earlier. Yesterday I noticed more ewcm and it was more plentiful (still not a lot) than before. That was CD23 and I got my positive OPK on CD20, so that’s a bit late for further signs of ovulation. I have read that a second round of ewcm can signify an additional increase in estrogen about a week post-ovulation, so I am wondering if it was that.

J and I didn’t BD on the weekend for various reasons and I didn’t feel the urgency to that I usually do when I might still be ovulating. I was also somewhat worried that if I had already ovulated, an egg had managed to fertilize and it might possibly have implanted, that the contractions involved in orgasm might be harmful. Now, with the second round of ewcm I am wondering if we missed our window of opportunity. I am just so confused this cycle. Next cycle, I definitely think that temping BBT is in order (unless I get so lucky as to not need to!).


4 thoughts on “Did we miss ovulation?

  1. We found that recording temps via FertilityFriend was helpful, but also, we used the smiley face OPKs several times a day during our window. Apparently, our surge was super short, so it required frequent OPKs in order to catch it. What sort of OPKs are you using, and are you only testing once a day?

    Best of luck to you and your SO! :)

  2. Thanks for your comment. I temped and charted for three months using http://www.countdowntopregnancy.com and it showed a consistent CD20 ovulation. Then I stopped since it was consistent and adding to my obsession/stress. I have used first response tests (with the pink lines, not the digital) and now I’m using cheap ones from early-pregnancy-tests.com. Both have worked for me in the past, but I might have to try the digital smiley face ones. I only test once a day and in the past that was enough. However, the goal of my acupuncture and herbs is to change my cycle (thereby changing hormones), so things might have changed and maybe I have a much shorter surge now.

    I think I saw on your blog (sometimes hard to keep them all clear) that you and your SO are expecting. Congratulations!

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