I got a positive OPK today. What should I make of that? Am I ovulating extra late this month? Is it a false positive somehow? My cm is sticky, not watery or egg whitish. I interpreted it after 13 mins instead of the 10 minute limit so I guess that could mess things up. I just don’t know what to think . . .


2 thoughts on “+ OPK

  1. I have crappy luck with OPKs. Last month, I didnt get any read out (and I have no known reason as to why I would not be ovulating. I do drink ALOT of water so maybe my pee is too watered down. This month I got a positive on my 21st day of my cycle in the morning. I tested about 4 hours later again to just confirm and NOTHING. I have given up, I am going the temperature taking route for October. Good Luck.

    also my CM is all over the place, I think its sticky, my husband is like no thats slimey. So who knows.

  2. The positive you got followed by the negative might indicate that you have a short surge. Some people have to test multiple times a day to catch their surge. But they aren’t a sure thing either and drinking a lot of water could definitely impact it. I feel more confident in my ovulation date when I temp. My CM is never ideal either, but I think my husband would get grossed out by seeing mine haha. He is even squeamish at the term “cervical mucus”.

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