Wave of Positivity

I know I just posted the last post, but I also feel that I need to include a short post about how I am feeling quite hopeful and positive today. I went to my doctor to get a refill on my presciption for PregVit (prescription prenatal vitamin so it only costs me the $5 co-pay each month). While I was there I asked about my CD21 progesterone results. I thought it was a given that they’d be low since the test is meant to measure progesterone midway through the luteal phase, but I had just ovulated the day before. However, my results were 19.5 (the normal range for the luteal phase ranged from something like 13-108). So they were on the low side, but still within the normal range for a mid luteal phase and they likely rise from there. Even though I was surprised and confused, I left feeling hopeful. As far as we currently know, there is nothing to prevent us from getting pregnant. No, we don’t know the quantity or quality of J’s sperm yet. No, we don’t know if my tubes are blocked and/or if I have endometriomas in the way. And yes, there are people whose tests completely check out fine and they are diagnosed with unexplained infertility. But, in this moment, we have not yet reached one year of actively trying to conceive and we have nothing other than a late ovulation and short luteal phase to suggest that there are any issues. And even my friend who had an identifiable fertility issue managed to conceive on her own after a year of trying. So I am not ruling anything out :) I have acupuncture tomorrow and I am hoping that will relax me further so that I can continue feeling optimistic.


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