Fall is coming . . .

I love fall. Don’t get me wrong, summer and spring are awesome too (not a huge fan of winter!). But there is something about fall that makes me feel all cozy. I grew up on the east coast of Canada where the leaves change to the most amazing colors and there are so many trees. Walks during the fall usually involved a soundtrack of crunching leaves beneath your feet. I also used to love raking the leaves into piles and jumping in them. I love Thanksgiving, which is when I feel like fall really begins. I’m a big fan of turkey and have become a huge fan of pumpkin pie in recent years. I also love love love Halloween. So much so that J proposed before we went to a Halloween party back in 2007. I love getting to bring out my sweaters again, turn on the fireplace, and get cozy on the couch.

The other day I was driving and just had a sensation that fall was around the corner. It made me think of someday taking my kids for walks through the leaves, bundling them up a bit and going to the park to play, taking them trick or treating, baking pumpkin treats, etc. I really look forward to those days, whenever they may be.


2 thoughts on “Fall is coming . . .

  1. I love fall too! Unfortunatly in the desert we don’t get any foliage but my hubby and I are going to head north to see some! We even went to Michigan to get married in the fall just because of the leaves (well and family too) lol

    • I live in western Canada now and the leaves aren’t as good as they are back east. Once I have kids who at least toddlers I need to take a vacation back east during the fall sometime. I feel that everyone should experience the colors and quantity of leaves there!

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