Age of Babies

As a woman in my late 20s, I am surrounded by babies and pregnant ladies. When TTC, that can make it both exciting and difficult. Here’s a rundown of the babies/children in my life at the moment:

  • My closest cousin has three girls: 8, 5, and just about 2 years old. My cousin and I are both only children and we’re the closest in age of all our cousins. As such, I am “Aunt Ann” to her kids :)
  • On J’s side, we have a 13 year old nephew, 17 month old niece, and another nephew or niece on the way.
  • One of my close friends has a 10 month old, another has a 6 month old, another has a 4 month old, another is 38 weeks pregnant, and yet another is about 7 weeks pregnant.
  • Five coworkers have had babies in the last year.
  • There have been countless facebook pregnancy and newborn posts from acquaintances.

All of these babies had me thinking about how it’s so impossible to escape babies (if I even wanted to, which generally I don’t). So it’s pretty hard to keep it off my mind.

* Couldn’t help singing this to myself once I came up with this post’s title


One thought on “Age of Babies

  1. I feel ya! I had two pregnancy announcements in one week. Then three births the next. I am completely surrounded by babies and pregnancies. I often think I may cry when I hold a new baby, but once it is in my arms, I am just happy. They make me smile and usually put me in a good mood. This past weekend I got to feed my friends 4 day old baby! I was in heaven.

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