My House is Becoming a Holistic Pharmacy

At my acupuncture appointment, I was prescribed several herbal formulas and supplements. My daily medication regime has expanded exponentially since before that appointment so I thought I would list what I take and when. In addition to the new holistic “meds”, I take PregVit prenatal vitamin (prescription so I can get it covered through insurance), Vitamin D (recommended by my Dr.) and Cipralex (has nothing to do with fertility).


* add 2 more big bottles like the one standing up on the right – I still haven’t bought two of the herbal mixtures

During my period:

  • Tao Hong Si Wu Tang (this mix was personalized and red peony (Chi Shao) and scirpius rhizome (San Leng) were added)
  • Co Q10 (1 a day)

For the rest of my follicular phase (once bleeding stops):

  • Bai Wei Di Huang Wan + Ginseng (the Ginseng is for digestion)
  • Co Q10
  • Evening Primrose Oil (4-6 a day, although apparently I can decrease this later on)

From ovulation through my luteal phase:

  • You Gui Wan + Ginseng
  • Co Q10
  • Omega 3 6 9 (3 pills  twice a day, then down to once a day)

The herbal mixtures with the Chinese names are granules that need to be mixed with half a glass of warm water. I have only tried Tao Hong Si Wu Tang so far, but it is perfectly described as earthy. Seriously, it’s like drinking dirt. I have to mix 1 tsp with water twice a day. It’s not enjoyable, but it could be worse and it’s totally worth it if it works.

The herbal mixtures alone cost $135 and I spent about $80 on the additional supplements. I am not yet sure how long each of these bottles will last me. At least drinking my “dirty water” and popping my pills helps me feel like I am moving forward.



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