Good News for a Friend

I mentioned before that I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with PCOS. The diagnosis was so recent that she had yet to actually start her first cycle of treatment. She was trying to, but AF just wouldn’t cooperate. She was prescribed Provera to speed things along, but then told not to take it because bloodwork suggested that she’d start her period on her own shortly. Her period never came though and she was growing frustrated. So she went back for more bloodwork and low and behold she’s pregnant!!!! She and I have been walking through this TTC/infertility journey together up until now and I am so incredibly happy for her! What a surprise too! After the PCOS diagnosis, she definitely figured she’d need the medication to get pregnant. She is crediting less stress for her pregnancy, which is quite possible (but see previous post – I don’t think it’s always simply a matter of relaxing). I do hope that acupuncture can help me to relax and work wonders on my cycle and fertility though! Anyway, I am just so happy for my friend and it does give me hope that even when the odds are against you, amazing things can happen. I am not jealous the way I am when I see a new facebook pregnancy announcement that makes it seem like everyone gets pregnant at the drop of a hat, but I feel a bit lonely. Now I feel like I’m walking the rest of this journey on my own. I know that probably won’t be the case because she’s a great friend and will continue to be supportive. But now I wonder, will I end up being the one and only person I know who needs invasive treatment (totally getting ahead of myself)?!


4 thoughts on “Good News for a Friend

  1. You are such a strong person and you’ve had such courage throughout this WHOLE process. Even with this news, you will continue to receive as much support as before. I understand you feel lonely, but take this as hope for your journey too :) You will get there and I’ll be there with you every step of the way. Love, “your friend” <3

  2. I felt pretty alone when ivf #1 didn’t work. I knew people who had treatments, but they got pregnant with iuis or the first ivf. I still often feel alone, but my blog and infertility boards help. Hugs for you!

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