First Acupuncture

I had my acupuncture appointment today. I’m not going to lie, some of them stung a bit going in. Most didn’t though and once they were in, I either couldn’t feel them or it was just a bit of a dull ache. There was low lighting, warm blankets, soft music, and a heat lamp. I felt relaxed while there but once I left it really hit me. I felt that kinda tingly feeling that I get post massage, but it was deeper. I was told that I might want a nap and to follow what my body was telling me. I was so tired by the time I got home so I took an hour long nap and vegged the rest of the afternoon. My body and mind felt heavy (in a good way) and relaxed. Apparently the treatment can keep working for 48 hours.

I was prescribed some herbal mixtures. Before, I was against taking any herbs because you hear about how natural doesn’t always mean safe and I felt that they were less regulated. However, in my consultation with the holistic clinic, I was told about how they are required to prove to the Canadian government that the herbs do what they say they do and they stood by their distributor in Taiwan saying that they wouldn’t touch some of the other stuff out on the market. I was also told that buying some of the more common compounds that were recommended (Co Q10, Omega 3 6 9, and Primrose Oil) from the grocery store would be a waste of money. Instead, a health food store (e.g., Planet Organic) and a particular pharmacy were recommended to me. The other formulas I was recommended were mixed up there and have names I can’t pronounce (which is the case with many generic names for western pharmaceuticals too).

I plan on starting the herbs tomorrow and my next acupuncture appointment is Sept. 15. The acupuncturist said that she was recommending a pretty aggressive treatment with all the herbs and supplements on top of the acupuncture, but imo aggressive is good as long as it’s not harmful.
I still feel calm and a little blissed out. I am hoping for a really good sleep :)


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