TTC Equivalent of Bridezilla

When J and I were initially planning our wedding (read: I was planning our wedding and J was letting me have full control), he said once that he was scared I was going to turn into a bridezilla. However, I was pretty calm and collected about the whole thing. I was in my element.

Apparently I was saving all the angst and crazy meltdowns for TTC. I’ve actually been pretty good for the last while, but when J and I had our little fight a couple weeks ago I realized that I am the TTC equivalent of a Bridezilla. I think this alter ego of mine was peeking her head out earlier because when we went to see What to Expect when you’re Expecting in theatres, J said I was like Elizabeth Banks’ character with her excessive planning and fertility alarms. I don’t have a fertility alarm, but as the proud new owner of an iPhone (my very first smart phone!), I did get the iperiod app and it does make it really easy to figure out our fertility window (there’s even an option of changing the luteal phase length – which I definitely need). But I digress. My point was that it is pretty easy to get carried away with baby plans and when those plans go awry, it’s pretty easy to get carried away with the “what ifs”, home remedies, and fears. In short I am obsessed.

I will be ECSTATIC whenever we have a baby on the way, regardless of how huge I get or how gross I feel . However, if one of my friends’ theory  is right, I will be the extremely bloated, hemroid infested, stretch mark laden pregnant woman. My friend said that in her observations at work, the women who wanted to be pregnant most and tried the hardest to conceive end up gaining a bunch of weight all over and lamenting their lost figures but the women who fell pregnant by surprise or with ease tend to be those statuesque, radiant pregnant women who you can’t even tell are pregnant from behind. So you might want to prepare yourselves for TTC Bridezilla to turn into Pregzilla whenever the time comes. Feel free to remind me of how I said I’d be grateful for every pound and stretch mark if it meant I could be a mom :)


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