Opinions from the Peanut Gallery

A good friend of mine is also dealing with infertility. She has been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Her RE has already outline the first plan of attack and she’s waiting for AF so that she can get started. Although getting any diagnosis (of any kind) is a scary process, it can also be  a lifeline. Now there is a targeted treatment plan!

Yesterday she mentioned that someone else she knows has PCOS but will not undergo treatment because she doesn’t think it’s natural. From the way it was told to me, she presented this as not only her personal opinion about her situation, but as a judgment against all fertility treatments and those who seek them. Honestly, such a statement can be quite hurtful since motherhood is thought of as one of the most natural processes in the world and when your body makes that harder for you it is like a cruel joke. The process of suspecting (and then finding out) that something is wrong and then seeking out and undergoing treatments is so difficult that having others decreeing those treatments as unnatural is adding insult to injury (imo). Sure it’s not the most technically natural way, but by calling it unnatural and saying you wouldn’t do it for that reason you’re essentially equating unnatural with wrong. So many other parts of life and modern medicine could be called unnatural as well – e.g., chemotherapy, pacemakers, artificial hips, etc. Is the ability to continue living or to walk again unnatural or is it a blessing that we’ve progressed so far through the “magic” of science?! I am thankful that we have these innovations and that fertility is one of the areas that we have been able to successfully treat. To me, being a natural at motherhood is much more important than how you got there. If your desire is to be a mother, then any way you get there is the natural path for you and, therefore, the right path for you.


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