Baby Shower

I spent this afternoon at my friend’s baby shower. It was great weather so luckily our plan of a party in the park panned out. Several of us were in on planning different aspects of the shower. I was in charge of games (my favorite!). My friend knew that we planned on throwing her a baby shower at some point, but she had no idea when. Her baby is due Sept. 21 and her husband told her that he was told the shower wouldn’t be until later. So the girl in charge of decorations arranged to go for a walk with the lady of honor in the park and brought her to the party. She had a bit of a delayed reaction while she took it all in and it actually sunk in that we were all there for her. Her reaction was priceless! She was truly surprised and I could tell that she was incredibly touched.

I had been a bit worried that maybe I would be a bit upset attending a baby shower when I’ve been having a hard time dealing with TTC lately, but it was just a lot of fun! I made a tasty mixed greens, strawberry, and fried goat cheese salad with orange vinaigrette and it went over well. As did the prize gift bags that I put together. My games weren’t the best organized, but hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves. The decorations were great and because the park was bustling with many other groups, we even had free entertainment in the form of Arabic music and a bit of dancing at the end. It was such a beautiful day and we were all there to celebrate our friend during this major transition in her life. I’m so happy that I was a part of it.


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