Holistic Route

I had my consult with the doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) today. Unfairly, I used to view TCM as akin to psychics, witch doctors, old wives tales, and old ladies working up home remedies out of their kitchen. In short, I had a completely biased and inaccurate view. I have now read some of the research on the efficacy of acupuncture when treating infertility, both in conjunction with artificial reproductive techniques (ART) and as a stand alone. My consultation also put me more at ease because the doctor repeatedly acknowledged the benefits of western medicine and made links between eastern and western medicine. In the end, I realized that the two are not mutually exclusive and some of the same ideas exist in both but they are described using different language, different origins, and treated differently. I believe that my health insurance covers some acupuncture and massage, although that will run out pretty quickly, so I think I am going to try it. I plan on calling the insurance company tomorrow to get the specifics. I am also waiting for J to get home so I can broach the subject with him. I don’t think he’ll believe in it fully, but all I ask is for his support.


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