Does anyone actually feel like they have it all together or is everyone else just playing the part? I turned 29 today. I have no real problem with getting older, but it feels surreal. Next year will be even more surreal! It’s hard to believe that this is the last year of my twenties. It’s like I never thought it would actually happen, that I would really grow up and get old. I guess what makes it so surreal is that I had an image of 25+ when I was a kid and at that age I expected to have it all figured out. Now 25 came and went, but not much felt different. I would say that I’m in a pretty good place in terms of my relationship, owning a nice home, and my career, so I can’t complain in that respect. But I don’t feel like a real adult. Of course I have no idea what a “real adult” should feel like. I guess I expected that when I was an adult my insecurities would be gone, I’d be able to handle all of life’s daily tasks with ease, and I’d feel mature all the time. Instead, I definitely hold on to some insecurities, I often feel overwhelmed and exhausted by life’s daily stresses and chores, I sometimes laugh at immature jokes, and I sometimes lament over how life’s not fair and I can’t get my way. Is this adulthood? Is this normal?


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