Excitement – Good or Bad?

I went to visit a friend yesterday. She recently moved nearby my work so it’s just a mini detour to visit her on my way home. She happens to be 35 weeks pregnant, so they have done up an amazing nursery in their new home. They didn’t find out the sex of the baby, so everything is gender neutral. Instead of being the traditional mix of pastel yellow and green, it’s a vibrant room with lime greens and deep blues. She found these curtains and based everything off them. I love the curtains and I am also in love with the alphabet wall they did. Seriously, it looks like it’s out of a magazine! They did everything themselves too and it’s not like they went out and bought the top of the line everything. It made me excited and wishful for when I can design a nursery someday.

I get really excited around pregnant women because I get wrapped up in their excitement and thinking how excited I’d feel. I try to temper that excitement though because it can make me sad. I only get sad because I worry that I am making plans that will never get to happen. It’s really easy to get carried away with thoughts of all that you’ll do with your child, everything you’ll make for them, what you’ll buy, etc. I have been planning for a baby for so long that it never truly occurred to me that it wouldn’t come easily. Until it didn’t. Sometimes I (unrealistically) feel like if I didn’t hope so much maybe it would happen. After all, it seems like there are a lot of unwanted, unplanned, teenage pregnancies out there. But that’s foolish I know. It’s biology (I believe) screwing us up, not my overactive and hopeful imagination.


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