Back to Reality

I am home from vacation. It was so good to get away from the office and mundane routines of daily living and to see so many friends and family members. It is nice to not have to live out of a suitcase anymore though and getting back to a routine isn’t the worst thing either. I’m back in the office today and since work is slow right now, that means I have more time for blog posting. So anticipate more frequent (likely daily) posting again!

We capped off our vacation with a trip to Ottawa. I love Ottawa! My father is from there and we used to go there for a week every summer when I was a kid. It’s a really pretty city with lots of old, brick buildings, as well as some more modern ones. It’s full of museums, cute shops, and, as our nation’s capital, it has the parliament buildings. J had never been there, so our host (another J – Jas) showed us around many of the highlights. Then we got our drink and dance on! Along with Jas’ boyfriend, we headed out to a club in the Byward Market area and had a great time dancing to old school rap. Being that I likely qualify as “cougar” age and I was in a different city, I definitely danced like a fool (read: video ho) without a care in the world. The next day, J and I met up with Andree (see Support System post) and her husband M for burgers at The Works (sooooo many yummy and interesting topping combinations). It was so good to see her and to meet M. I hadn’t realized that it had been 2 years since they moved back to Ottawa, which is the same length of time that she even lived here. Hopefully they, along with everyone else we visited, will come visit us soon!

Now that I’m back, certain things that had slipped my mind while we were away came back to me. I remembered that my referral to the fertility clinic was pending the last I checked. So I called my doctor’s office and the receptionist put me through to someone named Julie. I assume she is the referral clerk. Luckily Julie had good news for me: the referral was faxed on July 25th! So I called and left a message with the fertility clinic to see if they have received and processed it. I am hoping they might be able to give me some sense of timeline. Even if they could say I’m looking at 6 months as opposed to 4, it would save me from wondering.


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