I haven’t been posting much this week because of my vacation. It’s been a whirlwind and it’s still not done. We flew into Fredericton, my hometown. There we visited with my parents and a bunch of my friends from early childhood through high school. I also got to meet a friend from grad school’s second daughter. Then we borrowed my mother’s car so we could drive about 4 hours to Halifax to see J’s family, one of my best friends, and some of my cousins. Halifax was filled with babies! We have a 16 month old niece on J’s side. She is adorable and we love her to pieces. The last time I saw her, she wasn’t walking and now she’s running all around. She is so much fun and I wish so badly that we could take her home with us or at least lived closer so we could continue to watch all the little developments (Canada is a BIG country and we live on the opposite side, and it is cheaper to travel to another country than back home).

One of my best friends from my undergrad at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick (one of the best places ever) had a baby in February. My friend happens to be married to one of my best guy friends from university, so it’s always a pleasure to hang out with the both of them. Now their little family is composed of 3 and the newest addition is the sweetest combination of them. She is a beautiful reflection of her mama and she has her daddy’s lighter coloring. She was full of smiles for us, but she has a seriously cute serious expression she likes to pull out as well. I know that she will be a very lucky girl, having such wonderful parents, and I was thrilled to see them in their new role as parents.

I only have one cousin who is close to my age. She is a year older and even though we’re actually second cousins and quite different people, we’re quite close. She already has 3 children, all girls. The oldest turned 8 in April; the middle child will be 5 in September; and the youngest will turn 2 in October. I have only seen the youngest twice now and from lack of familiarity and fatigue she was initially scared of me. By the end of our visit, she was laughing and hugged J and I both goodbye. I was told that the eldest jumped for joy when she found out I was going to visit and she woke the middle one up to share the news. That definitely made me feel special. I love all of those little girls, even if I do make the youngest cry :)

We’re back in Fredericton right now and away from all the babies. As soon as we left, I began missing them. It certainly put what we’re missing in the forefront of my mind, but it’s not like it’s ever far from my thoughts at all. While we were with J’s family, several members said they expected that our trip home was to share some news (i.e., they thought I was pregnant). If only. Then they made comments about how we’re not getting any younger and whatnot. None of it was anything but supportive and hopeful and I wasn’t hurt by their comments. After all, I wish it was true and that I could share such an announcement with them.

Tomorrow we head to Ottawa to see more friends and enjoy some adult indulgences. I am very excited to see them, but I will miss the Maritimes and all the special people here.


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