Support System

During this whole TTC journey I have been very fortunate to have the support of a good friend who is going through much the same situation. In fact, it’s our generally daily conversations that make the greatest difference for me. None of my other friends are currently TTC and all my friends who have babies or are pregnant got pregnant very easily. Andree has been trying for about the same amount of time as me and she has started seeing the wonderful doctors at the Ottawa Fertility Clinic. Luckily for her, the clinic doesn’t seem to actually have a waitlist, or at least not much of one, so she has been able to get the ball rolling much quicker than I have. Not only has she been a great source of support for me, but by learning about her experiences with her RE it gives me a better idea of what to expect for myself. It’s actually quite uncanny because we both have late ovulations and short luteal phases and both of our blood work came back normal. She’s a few years younger than me, but we’re both in our 20s. If you like reading my blog, then I definitely recommend you check out hers:

I actually feel like meeting Andree was quite fortuitous. We only lived in the same city for a relatively short time and met under quite chance circumstances. We clicked right away and have managed to continue our friendship after she moved many, many hours away. She’s a super fun, funny, creative, caring person. That alone makes her a great friend to have! But it seems extra coincidental that she would be the first person I ever (knowingly) met who has type 1 diabetes. I learned a lot about diabetes from her. Then, wouldn’t you know, J ends up getting diagnosed with type 1. As hard as it was around the time that he was diagnosed, I think we would have been extra lost had I not met Andree! I’m not a big fate person, but sometimes there are some pretty amazing coincidences that do seem destined :)


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