Countdown to Vacation

I am sitting here at work, counting down until lunchtime (it’s only 10 am right now). I have work to do, but I am not in the mood to do it. I am so ready for a vacation! At my job, May and June are normally crazy busy and then it calms down in the summer. This year it has been quite busy from December through June. Luckily it has calmed down, but I am feeling stir crazy. That could have something to do with the fact that my work place is undergoing some major construction, so I went from sharing one large office with one person to moving into a midsized office (which should probably house 1-2 people) that I share with 3 people. Luckily, I get along with my coworkers, but sometimes it is a bit stifling and difficult to concentrate (especially with all the ambient noise and thinking aloud that seems to happen). I find that I go out for lunch a lot all the time now. I’ve come to an epiphany that it’s because I need a break from my claustrophobic surroundings. It’s certainly not a healthy habit, especially since I gravitate toward the greasy fast food (Arby’s and McD’s being my faves), but I seem to need it for my sanity.

Happily, I am going on vacation soon! I will be spending a week on the other side of the country in the wonderfully peaceful and quaint Maritimes. J and I are flying into Fredericton (my hometown) and then borrowing my mom’s car so we can drive to Halifax (J’s hometown) for a few days. We have so many people to see including numerous family members and friends. We have several babies to visit which makes me very excited! I know some people struggling with TTC avoid babies because it reminds them of what they don’t have, but I can’t get enough of babies! I love spending time with them, seeing pictures of them, hearing about them, etc. It’s only after I am away from them that I feel lonely.

After a week in the Maritimes, we’re stopping in Ottawa to visit with one of my bestest friends and her lovely boyfriend! We fly back past Ottawa (and often would make a connection there anyway) so we decided to book our flights in a way that we could spend the weekend there. While there, we also have plans to meet up with another dear friend and her husband. She is the fabulous woman behind In The Fives (another blog on my blog roll).

I am getting excited for our vacation and the chance to see so many loved ones! A break from work and our regular routines and chores will also be good. I am hoping that we’ll both feel quite relaxed following the trip and that we can carry that relaxation with us for a few months at least (doubtful though, knowing J and I – we’re both a little high strung).

Although I am definitely hoping to be pregnant, I’m not holding my breath. And it wouldn’t be the worst month to not get pregnant. I’ll actually find out if I’m pregnant while we’re away, so if I’m not, drinks with friends sounds like a great plan! Also, I have a friend getting married in Mexico next March and we already paid a deposit. This is the last month that a pregnancy would mean we couldn’t go. So I guess, either way, I’m ok with it this month. A pregnancy definitely trumps drinking and a trip (although I would really LOVE to be able to support my friend on her wedding day), but I don’t anticipate tears this month if it doesn’t happen. Maybe August can be our month . . . here’s hoping!


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