Drunken Phone Call

So J is working out of town this week. Luckily it’s not my ovulation week!

Last night he called around 10 pm and from the moment he spoke I figured he was a little tipsy. He was in a cute, affectionate tipsy stage so I had to smile. He told me that he had gone for supper with one of the other people from his work who was in from out of town and they had some drinks. I mentioned that I’d be getting my blood work results on Thursday and he said that the guy he went to dinner with was also TTC#1. It is actually his wife’s ovulation time while he is out of town so his wife is driving a couple hours to meet up for some BD (baby dancing aka sex).

I wanted to blog this phone call conversation for one reason: J sometimes makes it seem like I am the only one with baby on the brain, but he clearly does too or else he wouldn’t be out with a guy discussing about how they are both trying to have a baby. I don’t know which one of them brought it up, but the fact that they even had that conversation is a sign that they are both clearly invested in this process too. So the phone call made me smile  and reminded me that although J doesn’t show his disappointment as clearly as I do each time a month passes without a pregnancy, he is definitely still on the same page as me :)


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