Ups & Downs

I called my doctor’s office today to find out if my blood work results were in. They are! So I made an appointment for Thursday to find them out. I am going to find it hard to wait until Thursday for answers, but it’s much better than waiting weeks. So that was a piece of good news in my day.

Then I decided to call the local fertility clinic to find out their current wait list times. I had been told before it would likely be 3-4 months, which devastated me when I first learned that. Unfortunately, the receptionist at the clinic gave me worse news than I was expecting – the actual wait time is more like 4-6 months! In the grand scheme of life, 4-6 months is nothing. But when you’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to get pregnant and each month it’s like your body betrays you, 4-6 more months seems like ages!

So I have felt a mix of up and down today. I am very happy to be getting some answers and a hint at what the future might hold in terms of treatments, but it’s so frustrating to not be able to begin treatment for months and months to come. It feels like every month until we get into the clinic will be a waste.


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